Rotational Walnut Cigar Ashtray "SQUARE" / 回転式ウォルナット製シガートレイ「スクエア」(葉巻用灰皿)

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"Square" is an ashtray that you can use relaxedly and pleasantly for your own time, or for a moment of talking with friends.
Walnut and cigar are the same plant companion, wood's warmth and cigar are very compatible.
Four cigars can be placed at an angle of 58° so that each other's cigar will not disturb.
There is playfulness and a little convenience for the body to rotate.
Aluminum plate is set on the bottom of the body, flame retardant paint is applied to the top of main body, so it is strong for a little heat.
I am pleased if you can use it for a long time.

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[package content] cigar ashtray(made by walnut, with rotary table and aluminum plate), instruction manual.
[size and weight] width: 18cm, depth: 18cm, height: 5cm, weight: about 600g.
[function] rotating function, aluminum plate arrangement on ash receiving part (removable), flame retardant paint applied to top of main body, MADE IN JAPAN.