OH!VAL CIGAR CUTTER "KATANA MINI" SILVER/シガーカッター"懐刀(カタナ ミニ)"シルバー(葉巻用ハサミ)

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OH!VAL シガーカッター「刀(カタナ)」は正に日本の伝統工芸から誕生したMADE IN JAPANの逸品です。

懐刀(ふところがたな/カタナ ミニ)は従来のカッター口径をそのままに、携帯しやすくなったショートサイズのシガーカッターです。

OH!VAL シガーカッター“刀”でカットされたシガーで至福の一時をご堪能頂ければ幸いです。

Cigar cutter in which the oval motif of "OH!VAL" series.
When you smoke a cigar, cigar cutting is the key for taste.
OH! VAL cigar scissors "katana" is a gem of MADE IN JAPAN, which based on the supreme craftsmanship of Japan.

"Katana Mini" is a short size cigar cutter that is easy to carry. The diameter of blade is the same as "Katana".
Along with a special leather case, you can carry the best sharpness anytime, anywhere.

Please have a wonderful smoking time and enjoy cigar life by OH!VAL cigar scissors.

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[package content] cutter body, leather case(black), instruction manual, storage box(made of paulownia wood)
[size and weight] length: 14.5cm, width: 6.5cm, thickness: 0.5cm, weight: about 80g.
[etc] diameter of cutter blade: 28mm, MADE IN JAPAN.

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¥66,000 tax included