OH!VAL CIGAR CUTTER "KATANA MINI" GOLD/シガーカッター"懐刀(カタナ ミニ)"金箔押しゴールド(葉巻用ハサミ) | Nobdesigns


OH!VAL CIGAR CUTTER "KATANA MINI" GOLD/シガーカッター"懐刀(カタナ ミニ)"金箔押しゴールド(葉巻用ハサミ)

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OH!VAL シガーカッター「刀(カタナ)」は正に日本の伝統工芸から誕生したMADE IN JAPANの逸品です。

懐刀(ふところがたな/カタナ ミニ)は従来のカッター口径をそのままに、携帯しやすくなったショートサイズのシガーカッターです。


OH!VAL シガーカッター“刀”でカットされたシガーで至福の一時をご堪能頂ければ幸いです。

Cigar cutter in which the oval motif of "OH!VAL" series.
When you smoke a cigar, cigar cutting is the key for taste.
OH! VAL cigar scissors "katana" is a gem of MADE IN JAPAN, which based on the supreme craftsmanship of Japan.

"Katana Mini" is a short size cigar cutter that is easy to carry. The diameter of blade is the same as "Katana".
Along with a special leather case, you can carry the best sharpness anytime, anywhere.

The gold version has been subjected to gold foiled treatment by craftworkers in Kyoto, finished in a gem that gathered the best techniques of traditional Japanese crafts.

Please have a wonderful smoking time and enjoy cigar life by OH!VAL cigar scissors.

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[package content] cutter body, leather case(red), instruction manual, storage box(made of paulownia wood)
[size and weight] length: 14.5cm, width: 6.5cm, thickness: 0.5cm, weight: about 80g.
[etc] diameter of cutter blade: 28mm, MADE IN JAPAN. *The gold foil treatment model may be somewhat peeled off during use and care, and The "KATANA" logo may become thinner than the image, on the gold foiled treatment processing conditions, but we appreciate your understanding on the characteristics of the processing method.

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¥77,000 tax included